Turkey, with the impact of the economic policy followed in recent years to reach a more favorable position in terms of investment environment every day. In addition, every field has the desire to transform, achieving it at an impressive pace.
yatirimyeri.com aims to reflect these positive developments in the economy to micro-economic units and to transfer sectoral and regional opportunities to entrepreneurs. Thus, a rational contribution will be made on the investment decisions of the companies.
Another aim that is aimed to be reached with investor.com is to announce to the interested parties about the assets owned by the 81 companies and people in the city, but they want to sell, rent, transfer or establish partnership. This scope includes immovable assets for production purposes as well as sales and marketing activities of the products.

Provincial and districts will be provided with the following information.

Sector Data
These tables, which are prepared to compile the sectoral data of our provinces, will include sectoral distribution of enterprises, level of influence of sectoral preferences of the economic resources of provinces and introduction pages of our firms.
The purpose of this data collection is to make it easier for new investors to obtain information about the enterprises in the region, and to prepare an environment where they can establish partnerships, if necessary. Apart from the contact information on the introductory pages that will be prepared for the companies; the company's production facilities, strategic objectives, level of employment, sales and marketing proposals. Above all, support will be provided for the search for a partner.
Vocational Education Data
The purpose foreseen in the compilation of our provincial vocational training data is to provide the knowledge that they will need in terms of investor employment policy. Firms that have the idea of ​​investing have to find out first of all that there are as many vocational trainees as the region where they will invest. For the first time in 81 provinces in Turkey in this regard to ensure that our investors do career planning is a portal created to provide an opportunity to reach a highly skilled workforce.
With this labor force requirement, our firms will soon be able to reach the staff who possess the skills they desire, and our unemployed young people with these qualifications will also learn about the jobs and wages offered to them.
Demographic Data
Demographic data of our provinces is another factor affecting investment decisions. Each investor will primarily see the region in which it operates as a primary market. This will reach the customer level, region and country level and then international level. In this case, the population living in the region compiled in such a way as to allow investors to conduct sound analyzes; demographic data showing age, gender distribution and Household numbers will be included in the portal.
Employment Facts
The aim that is envisaged in the compilation of our provincial employment data is to enable investors to learn about the labor market of the region. It is thought that the information about the qualifications and the number of employees at the provincial and district levels will play an important role in investment decisions.
Transportation Data
For an investor from the outside, another factor that is important in choosing investment location is the transportation possibilities of the region. The provinces and districts that are considered to be invested will be provided with the information of the investors who will be located outside of the Highways, where the distances to the Air and Sea Roads will be located.
Social Data
Another information needed by investors is the social structure of the region. In this regard, the provincial and districts will have extensive information about their social institutions, and the prejudices applicable to most of our regions will be destroyed at this point. Where there is a person, there is an environment worth living in. It is aimed at the beginning to promote the region at the value it deserves.

Free Investment Locations (Island, Sheet, Parcel Based)
The most important support that investor.com provides to the investor is the information provided about the free investment places. The most important incentive factor affecting the investor is the allocation of free investment places. The investors will be provided with information about the size, geographical conditions and zoning status of the immovables subject to the bonus payment in the zone.
Local news
This section will include announcements made by the property and local authorities of the region and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At this point, the messages to be sent to the entrepreneurs will be transmitted in the interactive environment.
Current Buy / Sell Ads
Another service that will be provided by the Entrepreneurial Agency is to provide services to the investors in 81 provinces by means of the Current Buying and Selling Classes section which will be placed on the internet site and to sell the properties or properties (Buildings, Plots, Land, Vineyards, Field, etc.), and at the same time provide the opportunity to benefit from a Web environment where they can carry out sales and marketing activities for the products they produce.
Opportunities (SWOT Analysis)
Another important support provided by the Entrepreneurial Agency will be to uncover the opportunities that our provinces and districts have with their strengths. Such analyzes are made for different reasons. However, it is thought that these evaluations prepared mostly for the strategic plans of public institutions do not contain the information or motivation necessary for the investors. For this reason, looking at the region from the investor window requires special expertise. This support will be provided by the Entrepreneurial Agency.
Climate Data
Climate data, agricultural sector and many manufacturing branches are of great value. This data will be compiled from the website of the General Directorate of Meteorology.
Investor Visit
The most important aspect of Yatirimyeri.com project is to enable investors to come to the region in person. To this end, sectoral and regional advantages will be compiled in a separate environment at the level of illusions and districts, and promotions will be presented to companies that have received investment decisions. Agency activity will be carried out to invest in a service region. In this respect, the knowledge and experience of the Entrepreneurial Agency constitutes an important resource.

In order for the investment site to become active, a portal is prepared for the first time in the direction of the above mentioned data and information, with visual enrichment and suitable animation and photographs. This data will be renewed every three months. Project; Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Internet will be introduced, the attention of the interested will be withdrawn to yatirimyeri.com.